We are here to start a revolution. A Bubble Tea revolution.

We will never settle for mediocrity. We constantly ensure to drive you with our product variety and of course, with in-sanity!

Premium variety of Bubble Tea, crafted with perfection!

Founded by two Abhishek MADugula and Shruti Dontula and embraced by one too many along the way, the journey of MAD & CO transcends language, time, and geography. From the States to the Orient and now in India, the MAD couple along with a few passionate individuals are here to start a revolution; A Bubble Tea revolution.

Studio Zero Private Limited

Studio Zero Private Limited holds a brand MAD & CO which is a high quality Bubble Tea brand. Being part of a fastest growing economy in the world of the beverage sector and experiencing the growth as well as increasing acceptance of beverages by Indian consumers. We built MAD & CO along the way brick by brick, consolidating the authentic bubble teas from around the world. An Asian culture of teas amplified for Gen X to Z has a home with us. The Indian market needs a change, a revolutionary change and we want to facilitate it in all of our capacity with MAD & CO- Bubble teas as a beginning to encourage a fresh and healthy behavior in consumers wrt. beverages.

Madugula Hospitality Private Limited

Madugula Hospitality Private Limited breaks the myths of existing established companies while bringing innovation into the below for specialty foods.

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